Age significantly impacts our skin, but with fillers and injectables, we can delay the effects of time on our appearance. You will naturally experience wrinkles, deep lines, and a loss of facial volume, which can prematurely show signs of aging on your face. Injectable fillers are convenient and versatile anti-aging treatments in various formulations. We offer patients multiple injectable neurotoxins and dermal filler options to meet their needs and achieve a youthful and vibrant appearance.


Our skin shows our health and our age. If we’ve spent much time in the sun, smoked, lost or gained weight, or are predisposed thanks to genetics, we may have looser or wrinkly skin.

When your skin becomes wrinkled and saggy, it can make you feel less attractive. Even if you eat right, sleep well, and exercise regularly, those lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin may not go away. One way to help sagging, wrinkled skin is with injectables like Botox.


Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, with six million people receiving Botox treatments every year. Botox (Botulinum toxin) and other injectable neurotoxins are non-surgical procedures administered via injection into the desired area. It helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines, provides a moderate lift to the skin, treats migraines, and reduces sweating in various body areas, like the palms of hands and the armpits.

Neurotoxins send signals to the nerve attached to the desired muscle. When this signal is sent, the nerve stops reacting, temporarily paralyzing the muscle and leaving you with fewer wrinkles. Neurotoxins are non-permanent cosmetic procedures repeated several times a year for optimal results. Dr. Singh will discuss whether Botox or other neurotoxins will help you achieve your desired results.


Neurotoxin injections are a relatively quick procedure. The injections do not require numbing. However, we understand many people prefer to numb the area. If this is the case, a prescription numbing cream can be applied to the site one hour before. The doctor will inject you with a numbing agent or use a cold spray. The doctor will inject a thin needle with Botox into the desired area(s). The injections are done in our medspa, and most patients can return to work immediately following treatment.


The great part about Botox and other neurotoxins is no downtime. However, there are things you should avoid doing. We suggest you not rub the area or lie down immediately following treatment. While most people will have no side effects, we highly encourage our patients to contact us with any questions or concerns. The results will show in about two to three days and last three to 12 months.


Injectable fillers consist of gel-like materials. These substances are injected into the skin with fine medical-grade needles or cannulas and filled into the affected area to reverse the signs of aging: fillers shape and plump facial features such as lips and cheeks. Common areas where fillers are used are facial lines and wrinkles, scars, cheeks, mid-face, lips, and back of the hands.

Dr. Singh will help you choose a suitable filler from the list below:

  • Juvederm®
  • Sculptra®
  • Radiesse®
  • Restylane®
  • Revanesse Lips and Versa


A wide range of injectable fillers are used to improve the quality of your skin by smoothing wrinkles and lines and improving the shape of your face. People are often given injectable fillers for convenience and instant results lasting three to six months.


No incisions or invasive procedures are necessary to improve your appearance, so no recovery is needed. Patients often return to work and routine after receiving the injections. Contact our office today for more information if you are interested in this quick, non-surgical solution.